What is Goodiez?

Goodiez is cannabis distribution in 2019… a bright, experienced, creative, and passionate group of professionals dedicated to generating sales by building awareness and excitement for our partners. We do this by fostering close relationships with cannabis retailers and consumers alike.

The Goodiez Marketplace

Cannabis retail purchasers enjoy the ease of signing into the Goodiez Marketplace, browsing the live online inventory, and placing an order for everything all at once. Backed by Goodiez customer service and sales support, it’s about saving time with confidence.

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Goodiez Catalog

The Goodiez Catalog is a quarterly print publication showcasing Goodiez’ portfolio of partnering brands and their stories, their products, and pricing. This primary promotional tool is distributed by the Goodiez Sales Force to a growing number of decision makers all across the state.

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The Goodiez Catalog
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